BRONC Tattoo Pen Safety Motor


BRONC Tattoo PEN Rotary Cartridge Machine


Body: aircraft aluminum

Weight: 154g (5.43oz)

Grip size: 2.3mm

Stroke: 3.5mm

Needle depth: 0~4.5MM (adjustable, rotate the grip to adjust)

Connection: RCA only (compatible with most standard RCA cables)

Motor: Swiss made 5W motor, 16000 RPM

Operating voltage: 5V~7V dc

DO NOT use 8+ volts on this tattoo pen

[Specs updated on November 20 - All new motors]

In the Box:

>Hummingibrd Bronc Tattoo Pen

>Machine Tray

>One Bag of O-rings

>Super Lube Oil

>RCA clip cord

>Needle Cartridge Samples

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