Hummingbird Rotary Machines Maxon Motor


Hummingbird BRONC Cartridge Tattoo Machines

* CNC crafed machine body from aircraf aluminum, bright finished & anodized.
* Detachable motor bolt for ease of maintenance.
* Powered by Maxon Motor or stnadard motor.
* 3mm drive bar, compatible with most cartridge grips on the market

Working Voltage: 5~12 V DC
Recommended: 5~8V DC (shading to lining)
Weight: 95 g
Dimension: 72*31*50mm
Stroke: 3.8mm

* Lubricating the machine every two or three weeks is recommended.
* Do not operate the machine under voltage over 12V dc. 
* With a cartridge grip Free
You may comment your preferred colorof the grip (color will be change if out of stock)

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