Working Principle and Adjustment Method of Tattoo Machine

With the recognition of tattoos, more and more people are joining the ranks of tattoo masters. For tattoo artists, tattoo machines have become their second life! Then when we are learning tattoos, we need to have a full understanding  of the tattoo machine. Below I will explain to you the working principle and adjustment method of the tattoo machine.
tattoo machine
How Tattoo Machine Works: The transformer is connected to alternating current and converted into direct current, and then connected to the tattoo machine. Working voltage is 6-10V. The two main coils and the square iron generate a magnetic field, which acts as a spray and suction. The square iron generates a high-speed up and down the reciprocating motion by means of the elastic force of the shrapnel. The square iron drives the tattoo needle to work, and the tattoo needle penetrates into the surface of the skin to bring the pigment into the skin surface.
Adjustment Method of Tattoo Machine:
1. Connect the transformer to the AC power, turn on the power switch, the POWER indicator lights up red, adjust the button VOLTAGF, turn it clockwise slowly, the V-table will also rotate slowly, adjust the V-table pointer to 6-12V. Then plug the plug of the cable into the power hole and plug the foot switch into another power hole.
set up tattoo machine
2. Insert the other end of the cable into the socket of the tattoo machine, and then step on the foot switch, the tattoo machine will start. The power light is red, the V is at 6-10V, but the tattoo machine fails to start (A. maybe the spring contact is not in place; B. maybe broken the tattoo machine line).
tattoo machine
If it is A, you need to re-tune the tattoo machine: first, adjust the elastic rod away from the shrapnel contact, then slowly adjust the elastic rod clockwise to the shrapnel contact, and activate the foot switch to make the tattoo machine start and then release. Foot switch, turn the elastic rod 180° to 360° clockwise, then tighten the screw to lock the elastic rod.
tattoo machines
If it is B, there are several possibilities: 1. Short circuit inside the power supply hole; 2. Short circuit of the connection line, check the plug, bullet hook; 3. Short circuit of the foot switch. Line, plug, switch should be repaired or returned to the supplier for processing.

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