The Reasons for Tattoo Demitint

Have you ever seen blue shadows around tattoos? Even when the tattoo is completely healed, you can still find the hazy color. This is what we call tattoo demitint, a phenomenon that tattoo ink spreads from the tattoo ink area to the surrounding area.
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First of all, let’s talk about what is tattoo demitint. Bruises are often confused with tattoo demitint during healing. But it is not permanent and is caused by little bleeding compared to tattoo demitint. And it usually goes from dark to yellow then disappearing. Don't worry if you find a blue edge around the tattoo at the beginning of healing since it is not always tattoo demitint.
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Tattoo demitint is caused by pushing too much ink into skin or being pushed through deep skin.The difference between pressure and structure in deep skin cause the ink to separate along the uncontrolled path of skin.
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Tattoo demitint is mainly caused by two reasons.
1. By the tattooist
It is mostly believed that the tattooist without skilled technique has caused the tattoo demitint. These technique reasons, whether wrong angle, low speed or needle pushed deeply when inserting needle, will cause tattoo demitint, especially in sensitive areas with high movement and thin skin, such as the wrist, the inside of the elbow and upper arm.
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Usually choosing an experienced tattooist can greatly help avoid this kind of tattoo demitint. 
But even experienced tattooists can make the mistake because skin thickness varies from person to person, which makes it difficult to tattoo on different skin. Tattooing thin skin is prone to get a tattoo demitint, while dark skin has less probability to get a tattoo demitint.
Usually the tattoo demitint caused by tattooist can be seen immediately.
tattoo man2. By the customer
No customer wants to admit its own fault and it's always easier to blame the tattooist. But actually, tattoo demitint may appear after you walk out of the tattoo shop. A body part that moves a lot such as the elbow fold, the knee nest or the fingers, is usually prone to have a tattoo demitint. Excessive movement of the new tattoo part will cause the unset ink to be absorbed by the surrounding areas, resulting in a tattoo demitint.
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In addition to the reason mentioned above, there are some other reasons of tattoo demitint. If you often drag the skin around the new tattoo to show it among your best friends, you may also caused tattoo demitint.
The tattoo demitint caused by customer usually becomes obvious only several days before the skin completely healing.
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