The New Cool Trend, White Tattoos

In recent years, there have been many discussions about the trend of white tattoos. In any case, these particularly elegant tattoos have become a typical example of body art which is becoming more and more unique. White tattoos seem simple,but actually they have a stunning look no matter where they are.white tattoo pattern
Top models such as Kate Moss and Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan have their own white tattoos. If you're thinking about to get a white tattoo, it's important to know all about them.Because they're different from other typical tattoos.hand tattoo
What is a white ink tattoo?
Although most tattoos consist mainly of black and colored inks, the white ink tattoos look like consist of only white ink. This form of body art is often considered to be more delicate and subtle than other "standard" tattoos.white tattoo pattern
White ink could be created many patterns.It is very sparse,so the most common type of white tattoos is line pattern. Because they are helpful to depict a more natural appearance within tattoo pattern.And because of light and delicate,white ink tattoos have become particularly popular among women in recent years.Thousands of men also like this style.white ink tattoo
Since most of white ink is thin,it is difficult to be seen and added to the skin.It means that the artists must have well-trained eyes to clearly know where the ink is going and where it needs to go.white ink tattoo
You must know that color of your skin could determine the visibility and effectiveness of tattoo. Although you may be excited in getting a white ink tattoo, you must be prepare for that.white ink tattoo
If you want to get a white ink tattoo, you should choose an experienced tattooist. If you decide to choose someone who has never created a white tattoo in his life, your tattoo will be far beyond than your expect.white ink tattoo
For example, an tattooist who is experienced in creating white ink tattoo will know tattoos could be looked more effective if mix a little of other colors with white ink. It's not necessarily any color, but the little of extra mixed ink will make white more visible in the skin (it still looks white, and other colors are hardly noticeable).white ink tattoo
On the other hand, inexperienced artists may use pure white ink without dilutions. Finally,it means the tattoo may be invisible and looked more like a raised scar than a real tattoo. To choose a design which the white ink is mixed, it’s undoubtedly the white tattoo looks great. Keep in mind that white tattoos are harder to create.So the more simple the design is , the more beautiful it looks.white tattoo
Imagine that your tattoo may be looked like a dotted line.Because white ink tattoos often can't stand the test of time. White ink is the first ink fading over time. For this reason, you need to realize that your tattoo will disappear after several years.white tattoo
In addition, some tattoo artists may try to attract you by promoting their white ink tattoo can glow in the dark. Be careful.Tattoo ink glowing in dark may contain the destructive chemical phosphorus, which is known to cause various types of cancer.
For these reasons, don't be afraid to ask your tattoo artists what type of ink they’re going to make your white tattoo,safety is the most important.white tattoo white ink tattoowhite ink tattoowhite tattoo white tattoo
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