Painful Position of The First Tattoo

If you're going to take a tattoo, you might think about its location carefully. For most people, this decision is aesthetic, but it also takes into account how painful it will be, especially if you are afraid of pain and you are tattooed for the first time. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. Here are 15 places where most people feel relatively painful. tattoo

1.Chest. Although you think your chest pain is very tolerant, the chest is actually nerve-rich and therefore very sensitive.

2.Spine. Like your chest, the spine often has many nerve endings. Although back tattoos are usually not that painful, with the exception of the spine, the spine is usually very sensitive. tattoo model3.Knees and Elbows. Anyone who has tried the elbow and tattooed it in other parts knows this is a sensitive point. Because there is no muscle protection between the skin and the skeleton, the elbow pain level is quite high.

4.Neck. There are few muscles and fat on one side of the neck and many nerve endings, which can cause a lot of pain. In addition, our brain's survival instinct means that people exert constant pressure on the areas needed for breathing, so it's very painful. tattoo model5.Hands and Feet. The pain of hand tattoos is similar to that of feet, because it is mainly skeletal, with little skin coverage and a large number of nerve endings. That means it's quite painful. Fingers and palms are also very sensitive because they contain a large number of nerve endings.

6.Medial Wrist and Ankle. Although the tattoo on the wrist is not very painful, the inside of the wrist is another matter. It's similar to the ankle, but some people don't feel much pain inside the ankle. tattoo model7.Rib Cage. Like any other bone area of the body, the thoracic tattoo is relatively sensitive. In addition to the severe pain of the needle on the bone, the space between the two causes a lot of discomfort.

8.Abdomen. The skin on the stomach is tender and it will be very painful outside the internal organs. tattoo model9.Inner Thigh. The medial thigh tattoo is often very painful, and the nerves in this area often go directly into your groin, so it is very sensitive.

10.Armpit. One of the most itchy areas of the body, although there is enough cushioning, in fact, the armpits are rich in nerve plexus, which can have a strong feeling about anything done in the area. tattoo model11.Nipple. Many boys like to tattoo the chest, but the nipples are circumvented because they are particularly painful and difficult to heal.

12.Sternum. Although chest tattoos are common, please note that the sternum located in the center of the chest may be another matter. Especially if the skinny person, thin skin and muscles cover the bones, it will be a very painful position. tattoo model13.Inner Arm. Although there is enough muscle and skin on the inside of the arm to protect the bone from painful contact, there are not many nerve endings concentrated there. However, if your pattern is close to the area inside the armpits and elbows, be prepared for the pain.

14.Reproductive Area. The reproductive area is one of the most abundant locations of the nerve plexus and the most difficult and susceptible site for recovery. tattoo model

15.Head. The head is a very painful tattoo position because there is not enough muscle and skin to cushion the impact of the needle. In addition to pain, hearing the tattoo sounds a few inches from your ear makes the whole process more unbearable.

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I’m thinking about getting my first tattoo but want to make sure that I can lessen the pain. I had no idea that most of the pain just feels like a scratch. Now I just need to find a tattoo shop who has an artist that I like.

Sarah August 09, 2019

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