Padieoe Tattoo Founders Interview

Tattoos, as a alternative culture, has never been accepted by most people, but now they are becoming more and more popular. People are also more and more tolerant of tattoos, in fact, tattoos or a variety of non-mainstream culture , should not be excluded by everyone. After all, their own life, their own skin is their own responsibility, tattoos not only represent a pattern, but more can reflect the person's personality. As Wu Jian, founder of Padieoe, says, human skin is a stage on which your experience can be displayed and tattoos become the best actors. It was his love of tattoo culture that led to the beginning of Padieoe.padieoe tattoo pen
Q1: How did you first think you'd start the Padieoe brand?
Jian: At first I was just an ordinary employee and happened to be work in a tattoo products company. Then I began to understand the tattoo culture and gradually fell in love with it. "Tattoo" is derived from the "Tatau" in the Tahiti language, meaning "mark on the body". After coming into the industry, I tried to get a tattoo on my body and record my life.Just like the dragon on my shoulder, it will bring me good luck.shoulder tattoo
At the time of communication with my tattoo artist, I found both tattoo artists and guests are very interested in tattoo products, of course including myself. So I began to learn about the manufacturing technology of the tattoo products, and gradually created the brand of Wormhole Tattoo, Padieoe is the brand name used for the higher-end line of tattoo products form Wormhole Tattoo. Which founded in 2017.
Q2: What do you think is the most important thing to run a brand?
Jian: I think as a brand, we need to attach great importance to the user experience, Padieoe have been doing very well in this respect. A brand affects the development of enterprises. As an enterprise, I personally think that the product is the core, the user is the foundation, the brand is the soul. Brand is the user's recognition of your products and services. Let Padieoe create a good reputation and user image to achieve every consumer, adhere to people-oriented, do a high degree of culturepadieoe tattoo founder
Q3: What makes you work so hard?
Jian: The business of the brand is not a two-day job, just like a carefully crafted recipe need a talented team, strict timeliness, excellent marketing and high-quality products. If there is a lack of any raw materials, or lack of cooking skills, then I must quickly adjust my cooking methods, but only if it does not affect the positioning and image of the colleagues
Q4: What is the most difficult thing in the operation of the company?
Jian: Details determine success or failure. But I think details determine everything. There are many kinds of difficulties in the operation of the company, but I strictly control the product design in the design. For us to work together for such a long time, the design of the team can generally meet my requirements, so I always pick on every small detail, change it once and again. The most difficult part of production is the workmanship spirit. I often go to the factory, manage the production process, hygiene standards, all the time to improve the centripetal force of employees!padieoe tattoo founder
Q5: Please briefly describe the current development of Padieoe brand.
Jian: Padieoe brand series is full of high-quality raw materials, independent research and development and design, and the whole series of tattoo pens and rotary machines use the import motor. Engine Adopts High Quality Technology, with Low Energy Consumption But More Power. In order to give tattoo beginners more choices to practice, we have created a brand dedicated to the design of tattoo products for beginners — — Wormhole Tattoo. Tattoo lovers can choose the right brand according to their needs. We haven't intermediaries and no wholesalers. So no excessive margins. It's just between you and us. And this is what allows us to offer you a quality product at an affordable price.  At present, Padieoe brand designer team is focusing on product research and development, adhere to original design, patent production of high-quality wormhole exclusive products.
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