9 Factors Affecting Tattoo Pain

Have you suffered the pain caused by tattoo? How painful is it? I believe different people have different opinions.
So how to avoid much pain caused by tattoo? In the following, we have summarized nine factors directly or indirectly affecting tattoo pain.

tattoo model
1. Tattoo position
There is a big difference of pain perception between each body part on your body. The meaty part with thick fat has a higher pain tolerance compared to the meatless part with less fat, especially the surrounding part of bone.
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2. Tattoo Style
A tattoo with more details means much more pain. For example, portrait tattoo includes a great amount of shadows, which means the use of magnum needles will be more.
tattoo model-33. Take Relax

Your physical condition influences your pain perception. A peaceful and relaxing environment is helpful for your body to have a  better preparation for tattoo. If you are tired and stressed, your body will be extremely sensitive about pain and other external factors.tattoo model-44. Tattooist Habits

A skilled tattooist can take better control of the skin damage. However, with the same technique, different tattooist has different habits including power frequency and speed of the hand. A gentle and slow tattooist can usually prevent the tattooed person from much pain while a bold and fast one cannot.

tattoo5. Tattoo Method
What if you choose a traditional tattoo method such as hand needles? As it is more difficult for the tattooist to apply enough pressure on the area continuously, you may suffer more pain due to the lack of machine assistance.
tattoo model6. Pain Threshold
Everyone has its own pain threshold. With the same condition, one can endure for seven or eight hours continuously when the other can only endure for three hours.
tattoo model7. Alcohol and Drug Consumption
Most people believe that you can be less painful when unconscious in condition of alcohol or drugs. But in more cases, your pain perception will be relatively higher in condition of alcohol and drugs.
tattoo model8. Health Situation
If you are in sick, you will be more painful when tattooing. Because your pain perception and the central nervous system are under high stress. Besides, if you are healthy, the skin damaged will heal fast. So, it would be better if you choose to tattoo when you recover. 
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9. Psychological Effect 
If you are so nervous and pay much attention to the tattoo part, you will also suffer more pain.


Super thorough and well-written article, I feel about as prepared as I can be for my first tattoo after reading this. Thanks so much!

Crystal August 09, 2019

Im going to get my first tattoo would it hurt if it coverd the top of my hand.

Addie August 09, 2019

Hi! I am about to get my dogs paw print on my right calf. I’m very nervous about the pain, but I now feel less scared because of this article. Thank you so much!

Izzy August 09, 2019

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