How to Repair or Avoid Tattoo Demitint?

Do you remember the  reasons for tattoo demitint we mentioned in last blog? Many of you are asking for the solution. Unfortunately, tattoo demitint is usually irreversible. Thus, what we can do is to try to avoid but not to repair it. 
A little ink overflown will usually spread to a wide enough area over time, which will not draw too much attention. In most cases, demitint part will fade but not disappear a few years later. But most of people don’t want to take years waiting for the demitint to fade, especially when the tattoo consists of simple lines.
Then, here are three suggestions for you.
tattoo model sitting on white stool
1. Cover it
It can be covered by some other tattoo waist
2. Modify it
Shadows or colors can be added to modify the original demitint.
desert-tattoo-model3. Laser
Other than the first two methods, laser can eliminate the ink particles. But I never recommend this method because it is not only painful and expensive, but also takes a long time.
How to avoid tattoo demitint
1. In fact, it cannot be avoided entirely. But a professional and famous tattooist can helpfully decrease the possibility of demitint.
2. Do not tattoo on hands and feet, joint and thin skin to reduce risks.
tattoo-model-on village road
3. Do not drag or twist the skin of tattoo during recovery phase in case of tattoo demitint.
4. Fully comply with tattoo maintenance instruction after tattooing.
tattoo-model-on the beach
Always remember:
Do not confuse  the bruises or rubefaction appearing in the recovery phase with tattoo demitint.
Bruises will gradually disappear in two weeks while demitint will be more obvious.
tattoo-model-on the dry land

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