How to Relieve Tattoo Itching

Yesterday we shared with you the causes of itching when tattoo scabs. Today, let’s talk about how to relieve tattoo itching.
Just like any kind of itchy skin, tattooing can be done in a variety of ways, all of which are much better than scratching. Although itching can drive you crazy, the techniques mentioned below can help you reduce discomfort and eliminate itching.

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Five ways of itching during normal healing.
1.Gently tap your tattoo instead of scratching it, which will ensure that no skin and crusting are dragged off the surface of the skin to cause secondary damage and should help reduce minor itching. Remember to wash your hands first to minimize the risk of infection.
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2.Take a shower. The shower will add moisture to the tattoo area, which can stop itching for a while. After showering, use a paper towel to pat the tattoo surface to dry, do not apply bath towels, because there is bacteria on the towel, and the friction is large, and the shower time should not be too long.
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3.Carefully wipe.Place a thick, clean cloth on the tattoo and gently wipe it with your fingers. The pressure relieves itching.
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4.Participate in distracting activities.Try to distract yourself by participating in other activities and get rid of your thoughts. This can be a walk, play a video game or call a friend. Some people even suggest that chewing bubble gum can help them distract from itching.
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5.Cooling Tattoo Area.Any cold in the area can alleviate itching. Try ice packs with ice packs (ice packs every few minutes for half a minute) and remember to keep clean clothes between the ice and the skin, otherwise you may get frostbite.

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Pathological Itching.
If any of your tattoos are abnormally itchy at any time, consult a tattooist in time.If he tells you that there may be bacteria in the kit tattoo, your tattoo has been infected, allergic, repulsion, etc., probably because the kit tattoo has bacteria, please consult a doctor as soon as possible.Usually the ointment can be cured in a short period of time.
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Itching lasts for 7 to 10 days during normal healing. If you don't scratch the area, there will soon be an amazing clean tattoo. However, if scratched, the bacteria in the nail may infect the tattoo part, causing complex skin inflammation. Do not apply any creams and medicines to tattoos that have not yet been restored. Do not use any medicine to disinfect the tattoo.

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Thanks for this article. Just got my first tattoo 4 days ago and its beginning to flake today. The stages of healing are very well explained here for us newbies.

Tracey August 09, 2019

Thank you for this comprehensive article! I got my first tattoo just a few days ago and now the letters are raised and flaking. I was a bit worried, but this article answered my questions.

Aviva August 09, 2019

Thanks, got my first tattoo andut was swollen and I was pretty worried! I’m now hooked, booked my next one already! Thanks so much!

Bree August 09, 2019

Thank you!
I got my first tattoo 7 days ago and I was kinda worried it might be healing too fast (if that’s even possible).
I got it on my chest and I strongly agree that sleeping with a healing tattoo on your chest is kind of a pain in the ass, especially when you’re like me and you’re basically doing gymnastics in your sleep. And I was kind of worried about the flaking/peeling/scabbing, which actually started around day 4 for me, but… I guess the sooner the better?

Anyway, thank you again for this very helpful guide

Ria August 09, 2019

best tattoo aftercare review ever! i got my first leg piece tattoo last week and because of your instructions it is healing so nicely, thank you!

Anna August 09, 2019

Thanks for this, it was very informative. I just got my first tattoo and wanted to make sure it was healing well.

laura August 09, 2019

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