How to Judge The Quality of a Tattoo Artist

How to judge the quality of a tattoo artist? This is a question that has been repeatedly mentioned. Here are a few good and bad standards given by world famous tattooists. You can judge whether you are good or bad according to the following suggestions.
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Good: Take appropriate health and safety precautions
Every tattoo artist should take appropriate health and safety precautions. This means that a health certificate with regular updates, always wearing gloves, provide professiona permanent makeup kits, and a tattoo artist who always cleans and disinfects the machine and keeps the work area clean is better than a tattoo artist without a health certificate.
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Bad: No principle for customers
Although each tattooer chooses the pattern for the sake of love, in some cases some people are impulsive tattoos. A good tattoo artist should be responsible for the tattoo carrier and refuse to tattoo the guest after drunkenness and drug abuse. Tattoo artists should always adhere to the principle of tattoos for thoughtful tattooers.
Good: Solid and smooth lines
A good tattoo artist, regardless of their style or experience, should have a solid stab, solid and smooth lines are at least basic skills. Lines are the basis of most tattoos, and artists should make sure that the lines in the tattoo are as clean and fluid as possible.
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Bad: Not changing gloves in time
In any case, the tattoo artist should wear disposable gloves at work. If you do other things in the middle, be sure to change the gloves. It is a big taboo not to change the gloves in time, and this is an important indicator that the tattoo artist is responsible for their craft or customer safety.
Good: You can make the colorant just right to the right cortex
A good tattoo artist should receive professional technical training and a lot of practice to prick the color into the appropriate cortex. The color of the tattoo matte should not be mottled, and the color should not fade significantly over time. This is a standard for testing tattooists.
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Bad: Copy the work of another tattoo artist
In fact, tattooists should have original abilities. There is a fundamental difference between drawing inspiration from someone else's design and copying the design directly on the skin of another client. Although tattoo copying is not illegal, both the industry and the tattoo artist must have a certain ethical code and do not encourage tattoo artists to do so.
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Good: Details of the artwork
Another sign that tattoos are not good is that there is never a detail when sharing a work. They are not technically or artistically capable. Before starting a tattoo, every tattoo artist should concentrate on learning the basics in a professional place before being qualified to carry out more complicated work step by step. A good tattoo artist will definitely share the details of the work.
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Bad:'Party' tattoos
Although the tattooist has no problem setting up the tattoo workbench at the party, there is no way to ensure health and safety in this case. If you see a free tattoo or a low-priced tattoo on the party, believe me, be sure to refuse.
Portrait tattoo
Good: The tattoo after recovery is still beautiful
A good artist should be responsible for their tattoos, whether it is the end of the tattoo or after healing. There are a lot of tattoos that look great at the beginning of the pattern, but they are terrible after healing.
Bad: Unsanitary tattoo environment
Although on the surface, a good tattoo artist does not affect the quality of work because of the working environment, but if a tattooist's working environment is very poor, his skills will not be good.


I read this article before getting my first tattoo last week and everything you said was spot on. I had a wonderful tattoo artist who put me at ease and it was great experience. While yes there is some pain the beautiful tattoo I now have was worth it.

Angela August 09, 2019

I just got my first tattoo this week and this is the best article I’ve come across that describes concerns people may have. It doesn’t sugar coat anything and doesn’t try to persuade people on way or another.

Chris August 09, 2019

I found it helpful when you suggested asking your family members or friends who have tattoos for recommendations for a good tattoo artist. This is something that I will make sure to do because I’m interested in custom tattoos. My goal is to find a custom tattoo parlor shop that’s highly trusted by the people that I know because of how excellent they deliver their works. I’ll make sure to gather some references.

Ellen August 09, 2019

I like the tip that you gave to choose a tattoo shop that has optimal hygiene. My wife and I are getting matching tattoos for our anniversary, and it is important to me that I can trust the tattoo shop. I will be sure to look for a shop that practices great hygiene, so I can be confident in my safety when we go in.

Easton August 09, 2019

Really helpful guide, thanks!

Sean August 09, 2019

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