How to Deal with Tattoo Inflammation? Hurry to See it!

When you are tattooing, besides being afraid of being mixed with doubles after being known by your parents, you can only eat the soil after the tattoo, and the tattoo artist’s technique can perfectly fit the pattern you want. There are still some problems that you have to faced - nursing problems!
It is well known that tattooing is the art of piercing a tattoo with a coloring material into the dermis layer of the skin. Although the tattooing process is not too bloody, it will definitely see blood. Since you will see blood, there is a problem that cannot be ignored is inflammation.The problem of tattoo infection can be big or small, but it must not be ignored. Severe inflammation can be life-threatening, so be sure to take timely treatment.In the recovery period after the tattoo, it is also necessary to prevent it in time. I hope that today’s popular science can help friends who need it.
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Cold compress to reduce inflammation
Do not apply ice directly to the skin. The correct way is to apply ice to a thin towel, then apply it to the skin for 10 minutes, then remove the ice for 5 minutes and repeat 2-3 times a day.
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Use petrolatum, aloe vera gel, etc
Apply a layer of Vaseline and other products and cover your tattoo with a non-stick bandage to prevent dust, dust and sun exposure. Repaint Vaseline and replace the bandage every day.
Aloe vera for mild skin irritation, aloe vera contains compounds that relieve pain and promote skin repair.
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Let your tattoo breathe as much as possible
Although your tattoo is important, it is equally important to let your tattoo breathe. Let your tattoos be exposed to clean air to avoid dust, sunlight, etc. Give your body a chance to heal. When you are at home, you can remove the bandage.
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Be sure to see a doctor if the infection is aggravated
If these methods do not treat your inflammation, or if your symptoms worsen after starting treatment, see a doctor or dermatologist. They can perform a skin biopsy or blood test to determine the best way to treat a tattoo infection.
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Keep the wound dry and clean
When the wound is inflamed, be sure to keep the wound dry and clean. You can wash the wound with warm water every day, but it should not be too long when cleaning. Do not use the intense shower gel. After cleaning, pay attention to keep the wound dry. Do not use too much force when wiping the wound. During the inflammation of the wound, it is necessary to wear pure cotton and breathable clothes.
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Pay attention to diet
In addition to paying attention to the above two points, after the wound is inflamed, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet during the period of inflammation. For irritating, alcoholic, seafood and other foods that are easy to cause wound inflammation, the diet should be light.
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Remember not to scratch with your hands
After the tattoo is inflamed, it will be accompanied by an itching sensation. At this time, do not use your hands to grasp. Once you use your hand, it will increase the inflammation of the wound.
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Check for fever, swelling, inflammation or itching
Your tattoo should not be painful or itchy after a week. If so, it may have been infected.
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Tattoos are a small operation. Inflammation is a normal condition, so when the wound is inflamed, don't panic, you must first do the above. Patiently care, the symptoms of inflammation will recover on your own.
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