Wormhole Tattoo

Brand Story
1. Brand name
2. Advertisement
Innovation changes life, and let the tattoo go with our shadow.
3. Brand Localization
Padieoe’s target customers are those who pursue the art of individuality. Padieoe will build them a unique personality image in today’s new era.
4. Brand Style
Fashion, Safety, Healthy and Simplicity
5. Brand Type
Targeted at tattoos in medium to high end .
6. Brand Concept
Make tattoos easier.
7. Brand Mission
For the product appeal of “fashion, safety, healthy and simplicity”, ceaseless development and innovation. Keep the brand products updated and upgraded constantly. In people’s pursuit of beauty, we provide them with safety and reliable tattoo products. Shape the unique characters of tattoo with individuality and fashion. And make the tattoo easier.

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About tattoo products,We offer a worldwide tattoo related product